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May 27, 2013
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[Re-Re-Revamp]Gen48 Mayumi Maiko *gtth so many * by OctyPinku [Re-Re-Revamp]Gen48 Mayumi Maiko *gtth so many * by OctyPinku
:new: Need to fix info
shit so many revamps wtf 

-Mayumi Maiko


-Mayu-pyon , Mayu, Mayu-chi ,
Hime-sama(Only for bishies)



-51 kg.

-"It looks like you underestimated me"


- G
-Her fans love her because she always act like herself.She is know for her unique voice.She can sing both  "moe-moe songs" and  serious ones and 
doesn't sound off key.When she gets ready to perform like many idols she gets serious and does her best.
She loves her fans deeply and read all their fan letters and finds the time to reply to all of them.
Also she can tell funny stories well and light up the crowd . They consider her a "mood maker".
-Eggs(scrambled,sunny side up,boiled ect...)
-Comedy Shows
-Kids(Since she acts like one)
-Bishies( yeah man hunting :iconholdfeelsplz:)

-Large Scary Dogs
-People who act fake
-Watermelon seeds
-Low budget Movies
-Big scissors
-Swing roller coaster rides

-She's a very honest person (way to honest).She can act really cocky and confident sometimes and puts on a cheeky smile.
She can see through peoples acts and knows when there faking it.So when someone is acting strange she really worries.
She's a good shoulder to cry on and will always help.Strangely enough she's not a little sister type.Even thought she haves a good heart She can get carried away at times and not think of the others person feelings,since she's now starting to make actual friends she sometimes doesn't know what to do when a situation get's complicated.

She's know for her shinny hair and rosy cheeks since she was little.She comes from a wealthy family that is in the entertainment business.She's been an actress since she was little but she's not a only child, she haves a big brother that she visits every week.He taught her the joy of performing in a audience and know they love your music.After all he is an retired idol.So she decided to quit being an actress and follow  her goal , to become and Idol.Unfortunately she was a really bad dancer.Many agencies said that the only thing she's lacking is her dance skills and to try again when she's a better dancer.Since she's a minor she decided to live with her big brother.So she moved out of her parents house.
She's been trying her best ever since.After many months later she heard that there was a group that was gaining fame and was still accepting members.That group was Generation 48.She went to the audition but it was full of beautiful girls with amazing talents."It's ok you have gotten better" She told  herself every time a girl left the room to perform in front of the judges.It was her turn to audition.First off they ask her to sing , when she was done they looked very pleased and continued the audition.Then they asked her if she could show them her dance skills...
The judges told her to not leave yet to stay in the building.She stayed and waited patiently and watch girl after girl leave until a very few amount where left, after that the judges told her their  decision.
It looks like all her effort and training helped,she got in.

Additional Info
-Her microphone is custom made and was a birthday present from her bro.
-She Likes someone(ohh who could it be~).
-Her hair smell like peaches (its because of the shampoo she uses)
-She thinks fake eyelashes make her eyes look bigger.
-Favorite color is mint~
-She is a natural blond but haves a lot of highlights.
-When she get's hook up on something (Series,games and such) She may start Idolizing them.
- Her brother is 25 years old and when he was an Idol he...was a shota kind(and he still is).

Why did you Create this idol?
In all my life i had many idols but almost always they get  overwhelmed with power and lose control.
that's what inspired me to create an idol that will never be like that.
That will always be a good example to others no matter what but still have her flaws.
Also Idols kickass  ̄ε  ̄.
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Fortranica Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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OctyPinku Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
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